Wizard of Oz: Bed

in Wizard of Oz, we had Dorothy riding on the bed during the cyclone scene.

2015-10-20 23.56.41 2015-10-30 15.55.29

Production Photo:

Photo credit: Phoenix Theatre


Chicago: Fans

For Chicago, I had to create 12 feather fans that were large enough to cover show girls. I started with an empty fan and a bag of ostrich feathers.

2015-08-18 09.54.49

Production Photo:

Photo credit: Phoenix Theatre


One Touch of Venus: Scenic Painting

The scenic design for One Touch of Venus made every scenic unit double sided, one with a painting, and the other with scenic pieces. This is the piece I was asked to recreate.


2015-06-20 14.00.08

2015-06-20 14.04.52


Children of Eden: Elephant Masks

For Children of Eden, we needed large animal masks to represent the animals on the arc. I created the two elephant masks.

Process Shots:

The masks were sculpted from clay to create a mold for the vacuform. The vacuform copies were then filled with Great Stuff to give the masks stability.


The ears were created from cloth and wire, as to give the ears a more realistic movement.

2015-02-22 13.00.27

Finished Masks:

2015-02-23 09.54.45

Photo Credit: David Grapes II

Children of Eden Production Photos #607

Children of Eden:Props Master

Children of Eden was my final production at the University of Northern Colorado. It was a great opportunity to explore large mask making, and exploring a natural setting.

Prop walk through:

At my university, before tech started, we would walk through the props with the directors and designers to identify if any changes needed to be made before entering the space.

Bowls covered in paint and sawdust (left), the props set up (right)

2015-02-20 10.23.48 2015-02-20 10.23.17

Animal Masks:

For our production, our director wanted eight sets of animals to represent some of the animals going onto Noah’s arc.

Bear clay mold (left), Painted lion (right)

COE Bear 10998849_10153570761896258_819088541_o

Alligators with example of how they are mounted.

2015-02-20 10.23.33

Production Photos:

Photo Credit: David Grapes II

Eve with the apple from the tree of knowledge (left), Father with his staff (right)

Children of Eden Production Photo #69 Children of Eden Production Photo #76

Wildebeest masks (left), Gazelle masks (right)

Children of Eden Production Photos #602 Children of Eden Production Photos #605

Noah on the arc, surrounded by the animal masks and his family

Children of Eden Production Photos #1004

Side Show:Curtains

For Side Show, we needed a main curtain that had a center opening, but was only 8′ X 12′. Instead of ordering them premade, we ordered the fabric (I believe it was Crescent from Roes Brand) and I sewed the curtains myself.

 IMG_2842 IMG_2845

Sewing on jute, which was later grommeted  to allow traveling with a pulley system.IMG_2849

Production Photo

Photo Credit: David Grapes II

Side Show Prod Photos #268

Colored Pencil Project

For this project, we created our own images, and projected and traced the outlines of our object. We then had to color match as closely as possible to make our projects look realistic.


Scenic Painting

In the spring of 2014, I took a scenic painting class. All projects were created on 4′ X 8′ flats, unless otherwise stated.

Airbrushing (left), Foliage and drapery (right)

10252935_10152737095896258_375610582_o 1925163_10152619844006258_2104364457_o

4’X6′ Translucent Muslin Drop with Supersaturated Paint

1958957_10152668851351258_1473115724_o 10147332_10152672632001258_1379596693_o

Sweeney Todd: Twin Dolls

My personal project for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was finding and creating two dolls that matched in appearance to two actresses.

The outfit I needed to recreate (left), doll process (right)

1889499_10152603878581258_2099429348_o 1909048_10152618051796258_43288740_o

Steam punk accessories

1977602_10152649390241258_1593978593_o Sweeney Todd Props #28

Finished dolls (Photo credit: David Grapes II)

Dolls 1

Production photo (Photo credit: David Grapes II)

To see my props master post of this show, please follow this link.

Sweeney Todd: Properties Master

Legally Blonde: Turkey Legs


Leg 1

The Process:

The legs formed with hot knife and foam shaver.

Leg process 5 Leg process 3

Leg Process 1

The Finished Product:

Leg 3