Children of Eden:Props Master

Children of Eden was my final production at the University of Northern Colorado. It was a great opportunity to explore large mask making, and exploring a natural setting.

Prop walk through:

At my university, before tech started, we would walk through the props with the directors and designers to identify if any changes needed to be made before entering the space.

Bowls covered in paint and sawdust (left), the props set up (right)

2015-02-20 10.23.48 2015-02-20 10.23.17

Animal Masks:

For our production, our director wanted eight sets of animals to represent some of the animals going onto Noah’s arc.

Bear clay mold (left), Painted lion (right)

COE Bear 10998849_10153570761896258_819088541_o

Alligators with example of how they are mounted.

2015-02-20 10.23.33

Production Photos:

Photo Credit: David Grapes II

Eve with the apple from the tree of knowledge (left), Father with his staff (right)

Children of Eden Production Photo #69 Children of Eden Production Photo #76

Wildebeest masks (left), Gazelle masks (right)

Children of Eden Production Photos #602 Children of Eden Production Photos #605

Noah on the arc, surrounded by the animal masks and his family

Children of Eden Production Photos #1004

Sweeney Todd: Properties Master

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was my second large props master assignment. The interesting thing about this show is that it was in the steam punk universe. The props in this section were made by my team of properties artists.

The judge used this Scourge box to torture himself (left), pistol used by Anthony (right).

Sweeney Todd Props #13 Sweeney Todd Props #20

Production Photo’s:

Photo credit: David Grapes II

Lovett’s Shop (left), “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” (right).

1925251_10153938216630192_2014166548_n - Copy birdcages - Copy

Lovett’s sitting room (left), scourge box (right)

Lovett's couch Scourge Box

Caucasian Chalk Circle

Caucasian Chalk Cirlce was the first large show I was props master for. During this show, I took the initiative to focus on running the shop, and making sure everything in line with the design.

Prop Through Set-Up

1390961_10152252484121258_1394269113_o 1373554_10152252371131258_1064215956_o


Production Photo’s

Photo Credit: David Grapes II

The props were always present on stage, so they had to blend in completely with the set.


We created a puppet based off of a Bunraku Puppet. The puppet is in the first picture and a real child in the second photo.