Side Show:Curtains

For Side Show, we needed a main curtain that had a center opening, but was only 8′ X 12′. Instead of ordering them premade, we ordered the fabric (I believe it was Crescent from Roes Brand) and I sewed the curtains myself.

 IMG_2842 IMG_2845

Sewing on jute, which was later grommeted  to allow traveling with a pulley system.IMG_2849

Production Photo

Photo Credit: David Grapes II

Side Show Prod Photos #268

Sweeney Todd: Twin Dolls

My personal project for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was finding and creating two dolls that matched in appearance to two actresses.

The outfit I needed to recreate (left), doll process (right)

1889499_10152603878581258_2099429348_o 1909048_10152618051796258_43288740_o

Steam punk accessories

1977602_10152649390241258_1593978593_o Sweeney Todd Props #28

Finished dolls (Photo credit: David Grapes II)

Dolls 1

Production photo (Photo credit: David Grapes II)

To see my props master post of this show, please follow this link.

Sweeney Todd: Properties Master

Dancing at Lughnasa: Dead Rooster


Hand sewn muslin body

Feet created from bending straws, pliable metal rods, and masking tape (left), finished feet (right)


Start of feathering process


Finished Product:


Anything Goes: Twin Dogs

Twin Dogs

Two dogs were needed for the show, one normal, and one with a patch shaved out.



Muslin dog hand sewn (from pattern).

Finished Product:


Pre-spiraled fur was glued and sewn onto the bodies.